Gibson Guy


Normally on shipping/deadline days it’s strictly lunch-at-the-desk time, but this week we (production maven and musician extraordinaire, Julia St. Pierre and I) stepped out to have a slice of pizza at the Gibson Guitar Showroom in Bev Hills and listen to a showcase (courtesy of BMI) of Jace Everett’s new release Red Revelations.

Why care about Everett? Well, he growls the kinda creepy, but very sexy song that became the theme for HBO’s True Blood – “Bad Things”. He swore onstage he was telling the legit tale of how the rockabilly tune chosen by Alan Ball came to be (says he’s been changing his story each telling until now): it is about a fella who owed him money from a gig and his dream of finding him and, well, doing bad things to him. A “girl” told him to change the “to” to a “with” to make it sexy (more consensual, he agreed). “I also want to set the record straight,” he said, “I was not influenced by Chris Isaak. It is a blatant rip off of Steve Earle.”

Nattily dressed in his CD cover outfit (and by far the best dressed in the guitar laden space) Everett’s baritone is good enough to hit the high notes and the really low ones with style. True Blood Music Supervisor/KCRW host Gary Calamar was among the dread-locked, jean-wearing listeners.

Photos courtesy David McClister