Get Crafty at Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs’s Summer School For Adults

Free live music, poolside lounging, and art projects? Yes, please

Yes, it’s going to be sweltering in L.A. this weekend. Yes, the desert will be even hotter. But consider cooling off poolside at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs for their fifth annual Summer School, a full weekend (August 14 through August 16) of arts seminars, live music, and super trendy lounging. This year’s series of artist-led workshops—think photographic sun printing and personalized dream catchers—is free and open to the public with an RSVP and will be taught by creatives including local logo designer Trevor Tarczynski, owner of the L.A.-based design boutique Destro. We caught up with Tarczynski (logo maestro for clients including Vans, FYF Fest, First Aid Kit, and Converse) ahead of his Saturday, August 15 Summer School class to see what participants can expect.

What goes into creating a logo? How do you workshop typography and design ideas?
Normally a lot. To dig in and create a meaningful and lasting logo is a substantial process involving many steps, from building a solid concept out of the client’s needs and desires to chiseling away type, shape and color options. It takes lots of revisions and a lot of love. The Summer School class at the ACE will be a little different—more fundamental and fun!

Destro is based out of L.A. Does the city influence your personal design style? How so?
I am and it does, but generally more so in regards to personal work. Client work, I feel, demands a degree of professionalism where the designer should take a back seat to what the client is trying to communicate…often not something specific to Los Angeles. But personally, yes. And it’s a big vibrant city to explore. L.A. is a dynamic, ever-changing, beautiful sprawl of people, plants, sunshine, waves, and water. I couldn’t be more proud of my city.

Tell me a little about the workshop. What can the people who attend expect to experience?
What we’re doing on Saturday will be a mix of logo design and collage. Less a focus on formal logo creation and more of a personalized exploration into form. We’ll be cutting and pasting simple shapes and letters into pleasing compositions. Should be fun, plus MOO hooked us up with some nice paper to use. I’m excited to see what people come up with!

Favorite logo you’ve ever designed?
Off the top of my head, maybe the Khun Narin band logotype. It’s a pleasing blend of Thai and Western characters. Or maybe the one I did for the band Fuel Fandango, mostly because they’ve gotten so much use out of it. I think any designer likes seeing something they’ve created live in the world for a little while.

Just wondering: Is Destro named for the character Destro in GI Joe?
It is! I always loved that character as a kid. I mean how cool is a dude with a chrome head. Style for days.