This Year’s FYF Lineup Is All about the Ladies. Here’s How to Bask in Their Glory

The 11 can’t-miss performances

Most music festivals don’t have a great track record with women. The percentage of women who perform in them remains staggeringly low, with female artists making up only about 12 percent of all festival acts in 2016, leaving music fans to wonder — where are all the ladies at?

The answer, it turns out, is at LA’s annual FYF Fest. The three-day event, which kicks off on Friday, will feature more female headliners this weekend than Coachella (or “brochella,” as some have taken to calling it) has in its nearly two decades of existence. While it isn’t a totally even split — 20 of the 69 acts are female — it’s certainly a major step forward for one of LA’s biggest and most celebrated music events. Alongside headliners Missy Elliott and Björk, attendees will have the chance to see a whole host of up-and-coming female artists from a range of genres and backgrounds. This year’s lineup happens to be incredibly diverse, so we made this guide to the female acts you absolutely don’t want to miss.



Where: The lawn

When: 7:50pm

Why you should love her: Olsen has been lauded as one of the indie scene’s finest lyricists, and she serves up her thoughtful, twangy ballads with equal parts sweetness and grit. The perfect way to ease yourself into the weekend as you watch the sun set over Exposition Park.


Where: The trees

When: 8:35pm

Why you should love her: Oakland-based rapper Kamaiyah (who was mentored by LA’s own YG) released her debut mixtape A Good Night in the Ghetto last year, and it’s chock-full of bangers. If her infectious anthem “Fuck It Up” doesn’t get your feet moving — well then, we don’t know what to do for you.


Where: The main stage

When: 8:50pm

Why you should love her: She’s the patron saint of freaky girls everywhere, and—if we’re being totally honest—probably a literal alien. The Icelandic icon will be backed by experimental electronic musician Arca for this set, so it’s sure to be a real strange scene.


Where: The trees

When: 10:20pm

Why you should love them: Slowdive dropped its first new single in 22 years this January, and is set to release a full album in the coming months. The band’s hazy, mournful guitar riffs have soundtracked many an art girl’s existential crisis, in large part thanks to talented guitarist/vocalist Rachel Goswell. Pro tip: Make sure you wear nice shoes for this set, because you’re definitely going to be gazing at them.


Where: The main stage

When: 11:15pm

Why you should love her: What is there to say? It’s Missy Elliott, you already love her. Just GETCHA GETCHA GETCHA GETCHA GETCHA FREAK ON!



Where: The club

When: 5:20pm

Why you should love her: When Princess Nokia played downtown’s Globe Theatre earlier this year, the place went from zero to lit before she finished the first bar of “Tomboy.” There’s no doubt her FYF show will be just as electric — this NYC rapper is a force to be reckoned with as both a musician and an activist. At a February performance, she flat out slugged an audience member who sexually harassed her.


Where: The trees

When: 6:20pm

Why you should love her: There’s no one that sounds quite like Noname. Listening to the intimate stories this Chicago MC weaves with her rhymes feels like sitting on a sunny stoop and catching up with an old friend.


Where: The lawn

When: 9:50pm

Why you should love her: Solange (who is also performing at FYF) put it best when she introduced Badu at Essence’s Black Women in Music event earlier this year:

“She is mother, she is sister, she is friend, she is auntie, she is chief, she is warrior of many tribes…She is a beautiful reminder that you cannot put us in a box.”

Miss Badu is not to be missed. Break out the incense and get ready to sway.



Where: The lawn

When: 3:15pm

Why you should love them: If you’re a Transparent fan, you might recognize 19-year-old singer and guitarist Clementine Creevy from the show’s fictional band “Glitterish.” In the real world, she fronts the LA-based rock trio Cherry Glazerr, which released a high-octane new album called Apocalipstick in January. Get ready to THRASH!


Where: The lawn

When: 8:25pm

Why you should love her: We are truly blessed to be alive at the same time as Solange. With the release of last year’s A Seat at the Table — her nuanced, unflinching exploration of black womanhood — she proved to the world that she is more than just Beyonce’s kid sister; she is one of the defining artists of our time. Her live shows, like everything she does, are artful, considered, and beautiful to look at. If you have to miss out on what is sure to the highlight of FYF, grab tickets for her Hollywood Bowl show this September!


Where: The trees

When: 10:30pm

Why you should love her: Kehlani’s debut album SweetSexySavage, which dropped at the beginning of 2017, plays homage to the R&B greats — and does it so well that some critics are convinced she’ll take her place among them one day. The perfect last dance.

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