FYF Fest: If Bands Were Movies

Is Chelsea Wolfe a sweetly dark folk singer or a movie about Chelsea Clinton battling battling the undead in Chernobyl’s irradiated forests?

This weekend’s FYF Fest features a lineup of nearly 60 music acts, but some of their names sound more like indie films than indie bands.

  • Foxygen
    In this animated feature, female foxes launch the first network devoted to stay-at-home vixens.
    Director: Tyler Perry
  • Chelsea Wolfe
    While battling the undead in Chernobyl’s irradiated forests, Chelsea Clinton is bitten by a werewolf.
    Director: Chan-wook Park
  • Washed Out
    It’s a musical about an outsourced-to-Ohio Scottish telemarketer who works the night shift and hasn’t seen daylight in five years.
    Director: Charlie Kaufman
  • Horse Meat Disco
    A Tunisian teen reigns the supreme over Paris’ underground club scene until gangsters kidnap his girlfriend and challenge him to a dance-off.
    Director: Michel Gondry      

  • The Breeders
    A single man’s suspicions about his married friends’ strangely synchronized pregnancies leads to the discovery of a Satanic SodaStream.
    Director: David Cronenberg

August 24-25, Los Angeles State Historic Park, Chinatown.