Funny or Die Places Bets at the Democratic Debate

Two reporters for the site asked the tough questions

It’s political convention season, and as everyone knows, the most fun part about this time of year is playing debaucherous games based on the debates. There are beers to be chugged every time Ben Carlson looks like he’s about to fall asleep. There are clothes to be taken off every time Donald Trump says something racist (what, you’ve never played strip-Republican-debate-poker?). And of course, there are bets to be made.

Fortunately for all of us, Funny or Die has stepped in. Lugging a microphone around the Wyn Casino in Las Vegas where the Democratic debate was held last night, two intrepid reporters for the site asked the tough questions. To wit: “Would you take three to one odds that Bernie Sanders is going to actually comb his hair?” and “Even odds that Jim Webb even gets to speak?”

Watch it all in the video below.