From Prince Protegés to Punk Rockers, Your Free June Music

Hindu Pirates, KG Bird, KING, L.A. Witch and lots more take the stage

June features the longest days of the year, but it’s the nights that are the stars of the show. Whether it’s a Prince protegé or Sunset Strip up-and-comers, Los Angeles’ June residencies feature every genre from punk and pop to R&B and roots rock.

Hindu Pirates at the Echo (June 3, 10, 17 and 24)
This quintet of Orange County garage rockers recorded their 2010 debut album in just eight hours, according to the OC Weekly. The band will celebrate the kickoff of the residency with the release of a split 7” with brothers-in-garage Rainbow Jackson.
Think: Psychedelic ’70s rock filtered through California surf rock traditions.
Listen: via Soundcloud

KG Bird at the Silverlake Lounge (June 3, 10, 17 and 24)
Formed from the remains of local favorites Cue the Moon, KG Bird recently released its debut EP and celebrated it with a set at School Night. The ’70s-style roots rock of the band goes best with PBR, consumed unironically and preceded by Wild Turkey.
Think: The blues and rockabilly of Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Listen: via BandCamp

Summer Twins at the Bootleg Bar (June 3, 10, 17 and 24)
In addition to four nights of music, fans attending the Summer Twins residency can get zines made by the band. Each night has its own theme starting with ’50s Night then moving on to a mixtape exchange, Kawaii Night, and Prom Night.
Think: The throwback AM rock of She & Him.
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KING at the Bootleg Bar (June 3, 10, 17 and 24)
The R&B trio opened for Prince on the final night of the Purple One’s “21 Night Stand” in 2011 and has recently gotten love for its newest single “In the Meantime.” The lush melodies and restrained backing tracks keep the focus right where IT should be: on their voices.
Think: The smoothest jams from the overnight DJ on your favorite local R&B radio station.
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Queen Caveat at the Satellite (June 3, 10, 17 and 24)
With lead singer Lauren Little as frontwoman, the L.A.-based foursome puts on one of the most energetic shows in town. The rest of the band backs her with riffs and rhythms that recalls the heyday of clubs like the Whiskey a Go Go and the Viper Room.
Think: Strip the Yeah Yeah Yeahs of all art-rock ambitions and replace them with good old Sunset Strip sleaze.
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El Gavachillo at Club Los Globos (June 3, 10, 17, 24)
Ozomatli bassist Wil-Dog (aka El Gavachillo) hosts a series of shows at Los Globos featuring guest artists and one-off, live-only collaborations.
Think: A different sound every night, based on the guests.
Listen: via ReverbNation

Sex Wolf at Redwood Bar (June 4, 11, 18 and 25)
When not preparing for this month’s residency, the Boyle Heights foursome has been recording a new E.P. that’s set to drop in June. Expect ear-piercing guitar wailing, amps turned up to 11, and mosh pits.
Think: At its harshest: Thrash metal. At its calmest: Melodic metal.
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The Steel Wells at Club Los Globos (June 5, 19 and 26)
If Wednesdays are a tough night to get out and see The Steel Wells, the band is also playing at the Casbah in San Diego most Mondays in June and at the Constellation Room in Santa Ana most Tuesdays. The local quintet are favorites on KROQ’s “Locals Only.”
Think: Early Death Cab For Cutie with emphasis on the guitar.
Listen: via Soundcloud 

L.A. Witch and Ancient Animals at the Silverlake Lounge (June 6, 13, 20 and 27)
Like the most punk rock Greek system mixer, the all-female L.A. Witch and the boys of Ancient Animals will exchange heavy, distorted riffs and tossed-off vocal performances. Imagine Kim Deal influenced by Nirvana (rather than the other way around) and you’ll have a sense of L.A. Witch, while Ancient Animals try to create as much noise as possible for two people. (NOTE: Tickets for this residency are $5.)
Think: If grunge acts stopped moping and rocked out instead (L.A. Witch), metal angst and a wall of guitar noise (Ancient Animals).
Listen: via Soundcloud (L.A. Witch); via Bandcamp (Ancient Animals)

My Name Is You at the Hotel Cafe (June 14, 28 and July 12)
It’s been a whirlwind spring for the L.A-via-Scotland-and-northern-California indie folk pop duo. After releasing its debut album, The Fortunate Ones, My Name Is You hit the road with Joshua Radin for a European tour. The twosome has played everywhere from San Francisco to Hamburg, Germany, with Anne Williamson’s haunting vocals floating over Brandon Walters’ virtuoso guitar work at every stop.
Think: Spinning in a field either with a sundress-clad girl or while wearing a sundress yourself.
Listen: via Soundcloud

Draemings at Casey’s (June 8, 15, 22 and 29)
The singer/songwriter’s latest EP, Like a Ghost, takes the more ethereal impulses of her earlier work and backs them with synthesizers and a trip-hop beat. With her dedication to making each performance different, playing four straight Saturdays at the same downtown venue could lead to some wild experimentation.
Think: The electronic leanings and art-pop sensibilities of Imogen Heap.
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