#FreeBritney Supporters Rally in LA as Spears Notches Legal Win

Advocates gathered as a judge ruled the pop star will not be deposed in hearings against her conservators

Britney Spears’ lawyer scored a win for the pop star on Wednesday in a downtown Los Angeles Superior Court, with a judge ruling that she will not have to sit for a deposition, as requested by her father.

Attorney Mathew Rosengart commended the decision from Judge Brenda Penny at a press conference following the hearing.

“The judge’s decision is not only legally correct, it’s also morally correct,” Rosengart told the assembled media; he characterized Jamie Spears’ request to have his daughter deposed as harassment and a form of abuse.

In a previous hearing, Jamie Spears was himself ordered to sit for a deposition and also to produce financial records related to his management of the conservatorship, which his daughter was released from in November, no later than August 12. Rosengart charged  that the 70-year-old had taken $6.3 million from his daughters’ estate during his 13-year tenure as her conservator.

“Now who is paying his legal fees?” the attorney quipped outside the courthouse. 

Meanwhile, nearly eight months after the conservatorship was terminated, #FreeBritney supporters were back at their customary spot in front of Stanley Mosk Courthouse for an afternoon rally in support of AB1633, the piece of legislation that would allow greater rights to potential victims of conservatorship.

Rosengart said he supports the push for AB1663, authored by Assemblyman Brian Maienschein. The attorney says it represents both a civil liberties and human rights issue.

AB1633 supporters rally in LA. (Rex Weiner)

Kevin Wu, Leanne Simmons and Megan Radford, leaders of #FreeBritneyLA, organized the event together with Judy Mark, founder of Disability Voices United and Nina Moussavi, director of public policy and advocacy for the Alzheimer’s Association. About 50 people gathered for the rally by the Grand Avenue entrance to the courthouse. Some carried signs and banners as members of the crowd were calling for criminal charges and shouting “where’s Britney’s money?”

Several advocates for the rights of the disabled arrived in wheelchairs. They spoke in favor of AB1633, citing the pop star’s case as an opportunity to shine a light on related issues, such as elder abuse and probate court reform.

Upcoming hearings are set to tie up loose ends of the controversial conservatorship. They will decide on the payment of outstanding legal fees billed by her court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, as well as Britney Spears’s requested recoupment of $18 million in fees paid by the conservatorship to her former management firm, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment.

Free of the conservatorship, Spears married her longtime partner, Sam Asghari, in a Los Angeles wedding ceremony in June.

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