Freebie FYI: Get Into the Page Museum for Free Today

Dem bones, dem bones, dem bones… see ‘em without spending a dime.

If you think Los Angeles was made by the Dodgers or by Hollywood or even by the 44 pobladores who settled here in the late 1700s, think again.

“Los Angeles was made in the Pleistocene,” said supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky at this morning’s press conference, which celebrated 100 years of excavation at the La Brea Tar Pits.

The tar pits offer a wealth of old bones from bison, dinosaurs, dire wolves (which aren’t a fictional creature invented by Game of Thrones), and other megafauna, while micro-fossils provide a valuable window into what life was like in the region thousands of years ago. Both the tar pits and the adjacent Page Museum are working facilties that serve as sites of excavation, dicovery, and scientific inquiry.

The tar pits themselves are always free but today, in honor of the big anniversary, you can also get in free to the Page Museum. Jane Pisano, the president and director of the Natural History Museum, made the announcement this morning. Go now!