These L.A. Parks, Pools, and Beaches Have Free Wifi, the Most Important Natural Resource of All

Because the sun is out and you should be outside (but not outside like a caveman)

It’s a beautiful day outside, but you’re stuck with a pile of work that needs to get done. How do you balance the need to be a productive member of society (or screenwriter) while also getting a little bit of fresh air? Skip the coffeeshops, grab your laptop, and head out to one of L.A.’s wifi-enabled parks to set up shop.

The “Oh, Ranger!” project to roll out wifi access to park spaces started back in 2014. While the goal of being able to get online for free from any public place is still far off, you have six options spread across the region where you can get online for free al fresco.

Cabrillo Beach

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Take a beach day without having to go off the clock at this South Bay beach spot. For best reception, you’ll need to stay a bit back from the ocean, ideally spreading your blanket near the trees that hug the back of Inner Cabrillo Beach towards Shoshonean Road.

Echo Park Lake

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You should be able to pick up signal around much of this popular urban oasis, though coverage may be spottier on the small island in the lake itself. Grab a coffee or bite from the boat house café to fuel your efforts and settle along the main path around the water.

Griffith Observatory

The “Oh, Ranger!” network has several repeaters around Griffith Observatory, so, while we still wouldn’t suggest taking a Netflix break mid-hike, you should have no problem doing whatever you need to do online. The signal covers from Observatory down East Observatory Road to just past the parking lot.

Pershing Square

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Right in the heart of Downtown, Pershing Square’s combo of open space and free wifi make it the perfect place for busy workers to eat lunch al fresco without missing out on anything big happening back at the office. Pick up a sandwich or salad from one of the many nearby eateries and sit in any of the park’s green spaces.

Reseda Park, Pool, and Recreation Center

Valley residents can make their way to this large park. The wifi coverage includes a large area of picnic tables that make for a nice alternative workspace, if the large public pool doesn’t call your name. Stuck on an idea? Some of the geese in this park have been around Hollywood longer than you have.

Venice Beach

The busiest of L.A.’s city parks is a prime spot for doing some surfing — on the web. And with the concentration of local tech companies in the neighborhood, you probably won’t be the only one polishing your startup plans while dipping your toes in the sand. Pick up signal in a wide swath running parallel to Ocean Front Walk, from around Westminster Avenue to 20th Place.

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