You Can Now Stream Thousands of Free Movies Thanks to the L.A. Public Library

Excuse us while we curl up and watch documentaries for the rest of time

Thanks to the L.A. County Public Library System, you now have access to a vast new collection of streaming movies. Membership in the service, known as Kanopy, is now included with your library card.

Kanopy launched in 2008 and has been adopted by several library systems around the country, including San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. There are already over 30,000 films available to watch, with more being added regularly, and the service works with whatever you like to use to watch movies, including AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Perhaps best of all, the films on offer skew toward the indie, arty, and classic—meaning you’re likely to discover something you haven’t already seen a million times. And, for the documentary addicts, you’ll find 60 percent of the collection is non-fiction flicks. Selections from PBS and Criterion Collection, previously only available to stream on specialty paid services, are included in the free content.

While it may not have Netflix’s super-specific recommendations based on your watching history, curators on the platform have assembled some collections to help you find something to stream. To get started, try the Los Angeles Collection, a grouping of L.A.-centric films, or get ready for awards season with a selection of current and past Oscar nominees and winners.

In case you’ve forgotten, your L.A. Public Library card is already a ticket to all kinds of freebies. You can download tons of free audiobooks, use it to read e-books and listen to music, and even get a digital subscription to The New York TimesWhen you’re done absorbing all that content and want to go out into the world, the library card also gets you free passes to local museums that typically charge admission.

If you haven’t taken the time to sign up for a library card, maybe it’s about time.

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