Freaks and Geeks: The Oscar Noms Class Photo

The fantastic yearbook awkwardness of the annual Academy Awards nominees luncheon photo

Sure, we look forward to good films each winter—but what we really look forward to is the annual Oscar class portrait, taken this year’s luncheon for nominees in Beverly Hills. What if Jessica Chastain blinks? What if Robert De Niro makes a weird face? (Oh wait, he is.) Who gets veto power here?

If you ever wondered what terrible teen movie stereotypes your favorite stars should play in High School Musical 4: The Oscar Edition, our casting recommendations are below. For the panoramic close-up, see here

Anne Hathaway – Class President  

Hugh Jackman – Football Quarterback

Naomi Watts – Prom Queen

Bradley Cooper – Spoiled Rich Kid

Amy Adams – Drama Club President

Joaquin Phoenix – Loner Poet

Jennifer Lawrence – Soccer Star

Kathryn Bigelow – Sexy Librarian

Steven Spielberg – Cool English Teacher

Tommy Lee Jones – Badass Vice Principal

Robert De Niro – Burned Out Gym Teacher