An Early Look at the Frankenstein-Inspired Art Going on Display at Corey Helford

It’s alive

It’s 2018 and it feels like we’re downright surrounded by monsters of our own making (you know the ones). This year also happens to mark 200 years since the publishing of Mary Shelley’s landmark work of gothic fiction, Frankenstein. A perennial favorite of moody high schoolers and the ninth grade English teachers who love them, Frankenstein has had a massive impact on popular culture, as well as fine art.


On Saturday, September 8, a 100-artist group show focused on Frankenstein’s monster opens at Corey Helford Gallery in Boyle Heights. Curated by Ecuador-based illustrator Chogrin, Frankenstein 200 celebrates a novel that makes us ponder “life, science, love, and death.” Chrogrin adds, “It is the quintessential story of creator and creation, which is why I think many artists and scientists are immediately attracted to it.”

Here’s an early look at some of the pieces that will be on display, by artists including Carly Janine Mazur, Caitlin McCormack, Marc Scheff, and Jared Flores.


Alban Ficat

Bennett Slater

Caitlin McCormack

Carly Janine Mazur

Glenn Barr

Hanna Jaeun

Jared Flores

Jim McKenzie

Marc Scheff

Mike Mignola

Frankenstein 200, Sept. 8-Oct. 13 at Corey Helford Gallery, 571 S. Anderson St., Boyle Heights.

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