Forget The Odds. These Are The Oscar Stats That Count


It’s Academy Awards season, the time of year when Hollywood suddenly feels like a racetrack. With everyone from E! hosts to gambling web sites rattling off numbers like it’s Moneyball—a 40-to-1 loser last  year, by the way—we’ve come up with a few figures you may need to know by February 24.


Number of viewers for the most recent Oscars broadcast: 39 million

Number of viewers for the most recent World Cup broadcast: 3.2 billion

Likelihood the Academy Awards telecast will run overtime: 88%

Likelihood the telecast will still run shorter than The Hobbit: 99%

Odds Meryl Streep will bring actress-daughter Mamie as her date: 1:4

Odds Ben Kingsley will bring a date young enough to be his daughter: 1:1

Total production cost of this year’s Best Picture nominee Beasts of the Southern Wild: $1.8 million

Total value of the Tiffany jewelry worn by Cameron Diaz at last year’s Oscars: $1 million

Number of nominations the Academy voters gave Life of Pi: 11

Number of pies on the menu at the House of Pies in Los Feliz: 23

Chances Sally Field will make a “You like me” joke onstage: 50%

Chances viewers under 40 will have no idea what that means: 85%