Never Mind That Workshop in the Valley: Meryl Streep Is Teaching an Acting Class

Book your ticket to Berlin immediately

Los Angeles is overflowing with up-and-coming and wanna-be-up-and-coming actors. Many of them pour thousands of dollars into classes taught by casting agents, former actors, or just bored jerks with nothing better to do than shatter the dreams of the youth.

But all of that pain and suffering could, for a select few, be eliminated: Meryl Streep announced today that she’s teaching a master class at the Berlin Film Festival.

The class will be offered as part of the Berlinale Talents program, which—much like the Sundance Labs, only way bigger—invites 300 promising film professionals to a series of workshops and presentations, held over the course of the festival. Streep’s workshop will run on Sunday, February 14.

So, even if you’re not one of the lucky 300, maybe you can sit outside and listen in? Seems like a viable option.