For the Fans


Jason Bateman Thinks I’m Dead. That’s the name of Emmy-nominated writer Amy Keating Rogers’ directorial debut, a documentary which chronicles her self-assigned, yearlong quest to find Jason Bateman (yes, that Jason Bateman), who was once her childhood crush, and let him know that, despite an old misunderstanding, she’s alive and well. To be frank, it’s not a well-made movie. It’s repetitive and long, and it tells instead of shows. But despite its shortcomings, there’s something engrossing about Jason Bateman, which will be celebrating a homecoming of sorts with a screening at Serrania Avenue Elementary school tomorrow night. Jason Bateman isn’t expected, but (spoiler alert!) he does make a cameo at the movie’s end that redeems the project and could make anyone fall in love with him. If we’re not busy, we might head over to Serrania ourselves. You know, just in case.  

Jason Bateman Thinks I’m Dead screens at 7 in Serrania Avenue Elementary’s auditorium. Tickets are available at the door.