For Argo, Ben Affleck Blows His Own Horn

The Oscar-winning screenwriter-director-actor on how he and the Warner Bros. crew used DIY elements for his new movie, Argo:  
“There’s this complete hybrid of guys working on computers and making visual f/x, with  an amazing number of channels for sound.  So  I said, ‘We need some Iranian 70s police siren kind of thing, but I don’t want that sound to be anything we’ve heard before because something familiar may take us out of the reality of it.’ So the crews went off and built this really elaborate horn, from components from Radio Shack, clown horns, and horns from god knows where and they rang them all together,  and it was the most analag, fucked up, jerry-rigged thing you’d ever seen in your life and it was great—we ended up putting it in the movie.” 

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