Foodgod Surprised LA Tourists With Free Food Upon Arrival at LAX

“They’re hungry, they’re tired, and it’s the moments that matter with Hertz, and I wanted to connect the two,” food influencer tells LA Mag

Foodgod had two big surprises awaiting “hungry and tired” Memorial Day Weekend travelers as they rented-a-car from Hertz ahead of their LA vacations. 

“I invited two of my favorite food trucks because there’s a line of people here getting off their planes who are tired and ready to eat,” Foodgod told Los Angeles magazine. “This is normally not here for them and I’m just happy to help people feel good for their big weekend in LA.” 

As thousands of travelers collect their rental cars on this busy travel holiday weekend, they were treated to tacos and poutine from two of LA’s most loved food trucks, Kogi and Poutine Brothers.

“I’m a big Korean food fan so when I had the choice of food trucks, I wanted something original. I didn’t want basic tacos, I wanted Korean tacos with short rib, sweet beef,” Foodgod said. 

“And the other one is Poutine, which is such a big Canadian thing. Poutine and fries. I wanted people to be able to grab and go, but something original,” he added. “Being Foodgod, I always want something original. I don’t want basic food. I don’t want a pizza food truck, or regular French fries or tacos, so these are the two I picked here and it’s working. People just got off the plane and they’re literally coming here and experiencing it. They’re hungry, they’re tired, and it’s the moments that matter with Hertz, and I wanted to connect the two.” 

Foodgod added that the day has been full of photo moments for his excited fans to chat about as they hit their road trips. 

“People have been surprised, I’ve taken a lot of pictures, but you know what, if I came and landed and I was coming to get a car at Hertz and I saw these, I’d be very excited, so that’s how I need to react to it,” he said. “If I saw Poutine and Korean BBQ, I’d think that was so cool and so original and so different, and it’s giving a LA vibe before they get into the city, into Beverly Hills, into the stars and the glamour of the LA vacation.”