First Look: Netflix Releases Images of the Gilmore Girls Revival, and We Can’t Keep Our Cool

The four-part series is set to launch later this year

Netflix took us back to Stars Hollow today, releasing the first images of the Gilmore Girls revival. The images reveal that not much has changed between Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham), nor has much changed in the town (one photo betrays yet another weird town event: Stars Hollow: the Musical). In one image the two were pictured sitting at their kitchen table eating Chinese takeout. Check ’em all out below.

The four-part series “will launch later this year, everywhere that Netflix is available,” the streaming giant announced. The series revival will take place over the course of a year with each episode dedicated to a different season. Production is set to wrap on May 10 with a possible Christmastime premiere date. (Best. Gift. Ever.)

Viewers will be happy to see that most of the original crew will back for the revival. In addition to Bledel and Graham, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson, Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki, Matt Czuchry, Milo Ventimiglia, Danny Strong, and David Sutcliffe will all appear on screen, according to the Times“You notice so many friendly faces and then a few that are missing. But more than anything, we just can’t believe it. All of the things that had to happen for this to happen,” Graham told TV Line in January. “Netflix had to be invented. The fans had to want it badly enough that they didn’t stop asking. The outpouring of enthusiasm and joy is just completely humbling and so appreciated.”

Right now it’s unknown if all four 90-minute episodes will be released separately or if they’ll be available all at once for the perfect weekend binge session. “My preference would be they would not be released at once, because I feel like there’s going to be anticipation, and I think the diehard fans would enjoy it more with a little separation,” series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino told TV Line.

The next question in the mind of the Gilmore Girls cult is, of course, will the Gilmore Guys be watching and dissecting the revival?







All photographs courtesy Netflix