Where to Find L.A.’s Most Instagrammable Neon Wall Art

Fluorescent #inspo is everywhere if you only know where to look

The Hundreds

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Compartes Chocolatier

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Everson Royce Bar


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Alfred Tea Room

Base Coat Nail Salon

E.P. & L.P.

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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Mandrake Bar

Diablo Taco

Au Fudge

Cake Monkey


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Arts District Brewing Co.


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The Broad

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, Studio City

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, Silver Lake

Dinosaur Coffee

The Mayfair Hotel (1)

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The Mayfair Hotel (2)

Nine Zero One Salon Melrose

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Museum of Neon Art (1)

Museum of Neon Art (2)

Museum of Neon Art (3)

Baldoria Bar + Kitchen

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The Ace Hotel


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