Filmmaker Jay Duplass Asks Twitter: What Should I Do Now?

The writer-actor-producer turned to social media over the weekend to crowdsource ideas for a documentary

Sandra Oh and Jay Duplass will both be out of a choice acting gig if Netflix doesnโ€™t hurry up and renew their comedy The Chair for a second season. But Duplass is also an acclaimed filmmaker who, along with brother Mark, wrote Jeff, Who Lives at Home andย Cyrus, as well as executive-producing such documentary series asย Evil Genius and Wild Wild Country.

On Saturday, Duplass turned to the collective genius of Twitter in hopes of getting an idea for his next project, asking, โ€œHi hi โ€“ is there someone or something super special that you would like me to make a documentary about? Please let me know!โ€

The hive-mind was not shy about offering up its thoughts.

For instance, hereโ€™s one witch hunt anyone can root forโ€”and it probably wonโ€™t ignite a culture war.

And for anyone who thought Chernobyl wasnโ€™t quite terrifying enough.

Hey, who wasnโ€™t just thinking about this very issue?

Meanwhile, the other giant orange guy from The Sarah Silverman Program should really see more docs before he starts haphazardly tossing out suggestions.


Duplass might also want to finish what he already started before he dives into another project.

Just, yes.

Only if you can guarantee that Jim Breuer will have no part in it.

With 9.16 million subscribers, how about you make your own damn doc?

As ifโ€ฆ

Jay, isnโ€™t this pretty much what you were asking for all along?

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