The Festival of Colors Is Coming to the Valley This Weekend

Do it for spring. Or for likes.

Long before Instagram people in India began celebrating the arrival of spring by singing, dancing, and throwing bright-colored powders at each other. The Holi festival is traditionally celebrated in March, but thanks to a touring version you haven’t missed your chance. The Festival of Colors is coming to Woodley Park, (6100 Woodley Ave.), in Van Nuys on Saturday, May 13.

Bring someone you love, or someone who’ll tolerate being covered in powder. Color throws will happen every hour, starting at noon. The organizers promise live music, DJs, yoga, food, and “free hugs.” General admission tickets are $5.25 in advance, and of course, you’ll also want to buy some festival-approved bags of colored powder (5 colors for $12.50).

If this is your first Holi festival, the FAQ includes lots of sensible advice: Don’t wear your best clothes. Don’t wear contacts. Bring a change of clothes or plastic seat covers for the drive home. Are those precautions really necessary? Watch this video from last year and decide for yourself.

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