Fela Kuti’s Muse: A Q&A with Sandra Izsadore


Played by Michelle Williams in Fela!, Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti’s muse, L.A. activist Sandra Izsadore, has her say.

How did you first meet Fela?
I went to the Ambassador Hotel to hear this group from Nigeria. I made eye contact with him, and there was this strong connection. We became friends and were inseparable. He moved into my parents’ home.

What books did you give him to read?
The Autobiography of Malcolm X
and writings by Angela Davis and Huey Newton. I told him about the Black Panthers and the activities that I had been involved with.

How did your life change after he left?
Meeting Fela was a paradigm shift for me. I had no idea that changing the consciousness of his colonial mentality would dictate the rest of my life, too.

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