Farewell, Dance Right

The popular dance party throws its final blowout on Dec. 27

Maybe a dance party is like a teenager: Once it hits maturity, it’s time to kick it to the curb. On that note, prepare to say goodbye to one of the city’s best party scenes. On Dec. 27 Dance Right, held on Thursdays at La Cita, will bid adieu. Launched in July 2006, the colorful underground party lured hipsters to downtown Los Angeles with cheap drinks, good music, and an outdoor patio. It wasn’t for the faint of heart; its motto encouraged attendees to, “Dance like everyone is watching.” And people did.

Over the last six years, event organizers MFG Productions hosted between 300 and 500 partygoers most weeks. The events served as a launching pad for up-and-coming DJs and dance music acts while shining a spotlight on established bands. “Personally, I feel like it’s time to close the chapter,” says Dance Right founder, Matt Goldman. “I also think that the vibe of the party is a little dated. I started the party because it was the exact kind of party I wanted to be at. It evolved over the years along with my taste, but now what I like to do is just so different.”

The party isn’t entirely over. Goldman has plans to continue developing other parties including School Night, Wild Ones, and Private Label. He has also joined forces with the team behind electronic hitmaker and club music favorite Skrillex, forming Production Club, Inc.

After becoming one of the most successful and longest running weekly parties in L.A., Dance Right is going out with a bang, hosting a month of farewell parties. This week’s event will feature veteran talents including local party fixture Them Jeans (a.k.a. Jason Stewart) who started out as a booker/door guy and is now a successful producer and DJ. Hip-hop DJ Adam 12, who worked the Obama campaign trail, will also be on hand along with DJ Alphabeast (a.k.a. Tim Biskup) and Bobby Evans of the band ESP. All featured artists have been integral to Dance Right since its start, according to Goldman.

For the final night on Dec. 27, expect a blowout that will feature Dance Right’s annual holiday party with The Haycocks and Mike B dressed as Santa and resident DJ Pube$ dressed as an elf. “DJ Diabetic [Shepard Fairey] made himself available, cutting short his family holiday trip, to come back and play one last time,” says Goldman. “He literally texted me, ‘I started it and I’m going to finish it.’ I couldn’t imagine a better way to end the party.”

Dance Right runs from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. It’s free if you RSVP and costs $5 after 11 p.m.