7 Famous BFFs We Want Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer to Play

There’s no besties like show besties

At Sunday’s Golden Globes, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer solidified their relationship as BFFs. That made us think of other famous onscreen duos and how amazing it would be if J-Law and A-Schu starred in remakes of those films. So we decided to make our own dreams come true. Here, a list of seven iconic female besties in film that we’d love to see Lawrence and Schumer reprise.

Cher and Dee in Clueless

Insert the Tai of your dreams.

Lorelei and Dorothy in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 

Dorothy (Jane Russell) and Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe)
Dorothy (Jane Russell) and Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe)

Photograph Courtesy Facebook

No besties like show besties.

Torrance and Missy in Bring It On

Torrance (Kirsten Dunst) and Missy (Eliza Dushku)
Torrance and Missy

Photograph Courtesy IMDB

We saw Trainwreck. They got this.

Judy and Violet in Nine to Five

Dolly Parton – Nine to Five from Buddy on Vimeo.

Schumer already has the wardrobe.

Thelma and Louise in Thelma and Louise


Photograph courtesy facebook/Thelma-Louise-523039171069169

Why would you not want to see Schumer (because it would be Schumer, let’s be real) take out a rapist in a parking lot? $14 well-spent.

Romy and Michele in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Didn’t J-Law just play a character who invented a basic household item? Kind of like…Post-Its?!

Clairee and Ouiser in Steel Magnolias

To hear either actress recite the line, “Hit this! Go ahead M’Lynn, slap her!” would be more than anyone could ask for in this world.