Exclusive: First Photos of Handcuffed Donald Trump (Impersonator)

We’ve been holding onto these images for two years…now, given Trump’s indictment this week, they can, at last, see the light of day

There will be no need to wait to see the much-hyped perp walk of former President Donald Trump. that’s because LAMag already has the images of him handcuffed—kind of. Well not at all. Here you go.

Can you loosen these?
Can You Loosen These?

©Elisabeth Caren 2020 All Rights Reserved

In October 2020, when our feature on presidential impersonators ran in the print issue of Los Angeles, the Trump impersonator, John Di Domenico, was asked if he’d try a few extra shots with a certain prop. Because hey, you never know.

Di Domenico obliged the request, but with one caveat: The photos would not be published until there was a sensible news reason that they appear.

Well, with Thursday’s news that a grand jury in New York voted to indict Trump, the moment is clearly upon us. Di Domenico is still skittish, he says, as Trump hasn’t actually been arrested as of Friday evening ET. The impersonator doesn’t want to be seen celebrating. 

“Anything can happen – and I get attacked all day from all sides about a lot of what I do,” he says.

Living in Las Vegas, Di Domenico works all angles of the Trump impersonator, traveling around the world with his wig and orange makeup to emcee events for the MAGA crowd and making appearances for anti-Trump groups alike. He’s also heard regularly on The Howard Stern Show.

LAMag’s 2020 article follows a trip to a Democratic fundraiser in San Jose, where both Alec Baldwin and Di Domenico appeared. But only Di Domenico was in the orange makeup. Baldwin, then appearing regularly on SNL as Trump, praised the professional when he saw his work: “You’re the real deal. You’re so much better than me!” he said.

You know what I want. Or maybe you don’t.

©Elisabeth Caren 2020 All Rights Reserved

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