Ex-BFs of George Santos Recall a Lying, Manipulating, All-Around Creep

Alleged ex-boyfriends of congressional curiosity George Santos say he promised green cards and told other lies to gain their trust

As lying Long Island legislator George Santos keeps sinking deeper into the pit of his own tall tales and dodging calls for his resignation from the House, multiple men claiming to be former boyfriends of the uncanny Republican congressman are saying he’s even worse than you thought, ABC News reports.

Lisandro Bis, Pedro Vilarva, and Kevin Guzman tell the network that while they were intimately involved with Santos he tried to manipulate and corner them into his control with laundry lists of promises and prevarications.

The latest comes a day after Santos notified his Republican colleagues on Tuesday that he is stepping down from his two congressional committees as the House seeks to discern just how much lying he’s done—which is pretty much a Royal Sampler of fabrications, including: that his mom was in “the South Tower” of the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks, when she was actually in Brazil; that he lost four employees in the Pulse nightclub shootings; that he owned a $1 million apartment in Brazil, and 13 real estate properties; and that he founded an animal rescue charity that, in fact, never existed.

Not to mention his involvement in the Brazilian drag scene.

Bis said that he initially come into contact with Santos at a bar in Manhattan in 2013 at the age of 19 on a trip from Brazil. He told ABC News that the then 25-year-old Santos had approached him under the alias Anthony Zabrovski, which he frequently used.

Within weeks of meeting each other, the two began a romantic relationship, with Santos spewing tales of dating supermodels across the world—even suggesting that the industry still sought to use him on a runway themselves.

“He promised the world,” Bis told ABC News, further alleging that Santos said he would marry the young Brazilian for citizenship benefits. “He promised me, ‘Don’t worry,’ and that he will get me a green card if I marry him and stay under his ‘wings.'”

At that point, Bis had been in the United States for one year on a tourist visa. Young and impressionable, he claimed Santos was taking advantage of his situation.

“It was an illusion… now I realize he just wanted to get people under his hand,” Bis said. “Thank God I didn’t believe him [or] stayed longer and married him.”

Santos did not return a ABC News’ request for comment.

Pedro Vilara, who says he met Santos on Tinder in 2014, claims he was thrown into the middle of Santos’ marriage. Vilarva, who was 18 years old at the time, says Santos encouraged him to move into the apartment he shared with his wife, introducing the young guest to his spouse as a “friend.”

This invitation came months after the two met and spent several weekends together—as Vilarva had high school classes during the week, Vilarya claims. He also says Santos insisted that he would divorce his wife and marry him.

Vilarva says the relationship ended after he took an internet dive into Santos, quickly noticing the multiple aliases the man had utilized.

“The way that he is, is that he lies and then he tries to cover up that lie with another lie,” Vilarva told ABC News.

Guzman says that he had been pursued by Santos but declined his advances. Santos then allegedly continued to tell people the two were dating.

“He wanted me to be in a relationship with him, which I didn’t want,” Guzman said. “Then he made everybody think that I was with him.”

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