Hone Your Cryptology Skills While Locked in a Room With Other Angelenos

You become the P.I. at this live-action adventure

Listen here, see? If you know what’s good for you, you’ll hoof it downtown to play the live-action, interactive whodunit “The Detective.” Teams of 12 are locked inside a 1940s-style room packed wall to wall (and desktop to bookshelf) with clues. Given the sparest of instructions, you are presented with a jewel heist turned murder mystery to solve. Crack the case within 45 minutes and earn your freedom; fail, and imaginary gangsters break down the doors and storm the room. The operation, which is run out of an old building off Spring Street, isn’t for the weak-minded. Players pick through stacks of evidence, piece together puzzles, and crack codes (seriously, bring a cryptologist—you’ll need one). Work together and you’ll attain the ultimate prize: a key to the outside world and, of course, those priceless bragging rights. Escape Room LA, 120 E. 8th St., 213-689-3229 or escaperoomla.com.