Endeavour vs. Levitated Mass: The Big Haul


Today, Space Shuttle Endeavour’s crawl to the California Science Center begins, showcasing another massive feat of logistics and giving Palmdale residents one more reason to rep the 661. Triumphs of engineering and products of mother nature thrill us in equal measure, so let’s set the record straight regarding the technical details of their respective journeys. Although the two journeys may look the same to the Instagram-filtered eye, moving Levitated Mass and moving Endeavour presented challenges that were so different, they were of astronomic proportions. In any case, we’re happy to see the city nerding out about celestial superstars of a different breed.

Estimated Cost of Transport: Endeavour ($200 million) v. Levitated Mass ($10 million)

Number of Times Levitated: Endeavour (25) v. Levitated Mass (1)

Lost Trees: Endeavour (400) v. Levitated Mass (2)

Miles Traveled: Endeavour (12) v. Levitated Mass (105)

Days Traveled: Endeavour (2) v. Levitated Mass (11)

Weight: Endeavour (85 tons) v. Levitated Mass (340)

Width: Endeavour (78 feet) v. Levitated Mass (32 feet)

Mode of Transportation: Endeavour (four joystick-controlled transporters) v. Levitated Mass (22 radio-controlled dollies)

Speed: Endeavour (2 mph) v. Levitated Mass (5 mph)

Traffic Signals Taken Down: Endeavour (50) v. Levitated Mass (53)

Years it Took to Build in Palmdale: Endeavour (4) v. Levitated Mass (Millions)