#EmmylessDonald Is Trending Because, Well, Donald Trump Has Never Won an Emmy

Twitter is making fun of the president for his distinct lack of television awards

Donald Trump has a lot of opinions on the Emmy Awards–in 2016, he called the television awards “rigged”–but he has never won one. Unless, of course, you count the time Alec Baldwin won the prize for parodying the president on Saturday Night Live. A bunch of folks on Twitter decided to drag him for that today.

It started with Tony Posnanski, who invented the #EmmylessDonald hashtag to try in some tiny way to get under Trump’s skin. After all, we know the president likes to go on Twitter—and doesn’t like to be called a loser.

It quickly took off, and everyone started sharing the statuettes of major stars and rank-and-file television pros as a way to stick it to a president who seems oddly fixated on Hollywood awards.


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