An Ex-Household Worker Alleges Ellen DeGeneres Left ‘Traps,’ Mistreated Staff

The source claims DeGeneres’s Montecito mansion was a toxic environment for household employees

An anonymous source who claims to have worked as a household assistant at Ellen DeGeneres’s Montecito mansion alleges that the environment was toxic, exacting, and overseen directly by DeGeneres who, the ex-staffer alleges, “took pleasure” in firing assistants for minor errors. The worker shared her recollections with British tabloid The Daily Mail. 

The purported staffer claims that DeGeneres created elaborate, extremely specific rules for her staff, including that certain foods could only be served in specific bowls, household items must be placed in precise locations, and her lattes need be frothed exactly to her liking. Violations of any of these expectations would result in immediate firing, so staff constantly acted in fear for their jobs.

DeGengeres would, the source alleges, even leave what she describes as “traps” for staff to trip them up, such as intentionally placing a matchstick behind a cupboard door to confirm that every inch of the property was dusted daily.

“My belief is that someone’s real personality comes out at home,” the former worker told Daily Mail. “Ellen was the worst person that I’ve ever met in my life. She takes pleasure in firing people.”

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