Electric Dusk Drive-In Looking for a New Rooftop

Downtown’s only drive-in theater needs another home

In the era of souped-up home entertainment systems and multi-screen megaplexes it’s nice to know you can still find a drive-in theater in the heart of downtown Los Angeles – at least until April 6. That’s the last night Electric Dusk Drive-In will be able to screen movies at its current location.

Since October of 2012, Electric Dusk Drive-In has been projecting films on the roof of a building located at 240 W. 4th Street (between Broadway and Spring St.). Tickets to most screenings were $10 and the process worked the way a traditional drive-in did – except that you were parking on the roof of a not-so-high high-rise in downtown’s historic core instead of an asphalt lot anywhere in suburban America.

In an email sent yesterday, Electric Dusk wrote: “Standard Parking has lost their lease from the building owner because the lot was purchased by a developer. Our current location will soon be the tallest luxury high-rise in Los Angeles!!”

Though they must vacate the space by April 14, Electric Dusk has already programmed a fun and eclectic slate of movies for May that includes Goodfellas, Alien, and All About Eve. The question is: Where will they screen? While event organizers look for a new location (hopefully in DTLA), you can catch Electric Dusk Drive-In in its current space one last time. On Saturday, April 6 their “farewell” screening will be the whimsical family flick Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Stuff yourself with Everlasting Gobstoppers but take it easy on the Fizzy Lifting Drinks.