Easy Listening


Norah Jones kicked off her recent concert at the Orpheum Theatre with “I Wouldn’t Need You,” a backhanded, bluesy loves song off her latest album, The Fall, that opens with the words, “If I touched myself the way you touched me/ If I could hold myself the way you touched me/ Then I wouldn’t need you.” This is different, I thought, taking in Jones’ fishnet tights and hot pink pumps and recalling her soft, dreamy performance at the Hollywood Bowl after the release of Come Away With Me, her Grammy Award-winning debut.

False alarm. Over the next hour and a half, Jones took us “back in time” with the beautiful, sleepy hits she’s known for, like “Sunrise” and “Don’t Know Why.” Newer material, like “Chasing Pirates” and “Even Though” fit right in despite their less poppy sound and the influence of Jones’ new band, which includes guitarist Smokey Hormel and Sasha Dobson, who also opened the show with a solo set. Finally a truly exquisite rendition of “Back to Manhattan,” broke the trance, moving the surprisingly rowdy audience to silence—the good kind.