Old-School Hip-Hop Fans Rejoice—Ice-T’s Old DJ Crew is Getting Its Own City Holiday

The city just declared October 28 Uncle Jamm’s Army Day. Here’s how to celebrate.

Most hip-hop fans know the genre was born in the Bronx, when the holy trinity of DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambaataa pioneered the art of scratching records and rapping over them at underground parties in the ’70s. But hip-hop’s origin story wouldn’t be complete without mention of Uncle Jamm’s Army, the Los Angeles DJ crew who planted the seeds for West Coast rap around the same time. Known for kicking off the careers of big names like Ice-T and Egyptian Lover (not to mention their legendary, 2,000-plus person functions at venues like the L.A. Sports Arena), the progenitors of L.A.’s “electro” scene will receive some much-deserved recognition this weekend when the city declares October 28 Uncle Jamm’s Army Day.

An Uncle Jamm’s Army party

Photo courtesy of Red Bull Music Academy

The official city council announcement, which features a presentation by several of the crew’s original members, takes place at City Hall today, October 27 at 10 am. On Saturday, Angelenos will have the opportunity to celebrate the newly minted holiday with the mix-masters themselves, when they reunite for one funk-tastic night at Inglewood’s Savoy Entertainment Center. The dance party is part of Red Bull Music Academy’s 23-day-long Los Angeles festival, which wraps up on Sunday. Tickets are also available for an intimate conversation with Ice-T that the Academy is hosting at the nearby Miracle Theatre. If you can’t make either event, don’t fret—there are other ways to make L.A.’s first annual UJA Day special. Check out this documentary on the crew that just premiered on Red Bull TV, or take a moment to revisit to their iconic 1983 single “Dial-A-Freak.” Issa bop!