These Drone Videos of L.A. Homes Are Ridiculously Gorgeous

Join us in gawking at these incredible mansions in Malibu, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air

Drones are taking over. They may not be dropping groceries on our doormats (yet), but they’re being used by all types of filmmakers to capture rare perspectives of the world (and show off how insanely beautiful our city is). Drones also have proved to be the ideal method for shooting exquisite footage of real estate listings. With swooping shots of mid-century modern wonders and French Renaissance-inspired mansions in the hills, drone video has emerged as the most beautiful way to display a home for sale. I mean, just look at these…


by Daniel Gárate

Beverly Hills

by Hilton & Hyland

Beverly Hills

by Hilton & Hyland

Stradella, Bel Air

by Hilton & Hyland

Hollywood Hills

by Drone 55

Holmby Hills

by Mercer Vine

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