These Drone Videos of Los Angeles Will Remind You Why You Love This City

When the whole sprawl of the city lights up at night—chills

As if you needed reassuring that we live in the most gorgeous place in the world, drone pilots have now put aerial videography to its best possible use: capturing the stunning beauty of Los Angeles from the air. Their sweeping shots of palm tree-lined streets, breaking waves, freeway interchanges, and the shimmering lights of downtown will leave you utterly mesmerized.

Greater Los Angeles

This one has it all: palm trees, the coast, and, of course, beautiful downtown. Only the traffic is missing—but we’ll let that slide.

Check out the L.A. nightlife from 400 feet in the air.

Drone pilot Drew Gayner captures some of the neon glory of retro Los Angeles.

Soak up the evening glow of our city from a vantage point high in the sky—and make sure your HD is turned on. (Okay so this one isn’t a drone video, but it’s still stunning…)


Prepare yourself for an Inception-like flight through the heart of downtown.

Santa Monica

This one captures the old-timey feel of the Santa Monica pier with stunning imagery.

Manhattan Beach

Drone pilot Scott McFarlane highlights the beauty of idyllic Manhattan Beach.

Scenes from Around California—but Mostly L.A.

We could watch this aerial time-lapse for days.

The Santa Monica Pier, Malibu coastline, and MacArthur Park have never looked better.