Dream Team


I arrived in anticipation at the packed Staples Center Tuesday night. After several seriously sad performances, namely the 85-104 loss at home to the Memphis Grizzlies on January 2, I couldn’t wait for the “Lakeshow” to destroy the Detroit Pistons.

But when Kobe Bryant opened the first quarter with a lackluster performance, missing his first nine shots, my excitement faded. The crowd fell silent waiting for something—anything—to happen. Several boos escaped the mouths of fans.

Frustrated, I watched the clock count down the end of the first quarter, then made my way to the San Manuel Club, hoping to distract myself from the scoreboard with food and drink. By the end of the first half my boyfriend and I had come to the conclusion that Kobe shouldn’t have bothered to get out of bed that morning. Their fans, taking a cue from their sleepy team, were practically napping in their seats.

Then, just as my second cocktail arrived, on-court action recaptured my interest. Angelenos egged on their revived team, beating together inflatable noise sticks. Finally, the Lakers brought on the heat. The crowd loved their team again, and the Staples Center filled with cheers at every basket, rebound, and play.

Alas, my short attention span got the best of me again as the Lakers took a 29-point lead during the fourth quarter. They had come back only to run away with the game, so I headed out with seven minutes on the clock and listened to the end of the game on my car radio while weaving my way through the parking lot filled with fans hoping to beat the post game traffic.

The Lakers ended up winning 108-83. Had I stayed, I could have collected two free taco coupons from Jack in the Box promised if the Lakers won and kept the Pistons from scoring 100 points. Next time.

-Lauren Maddox