Drag Stars Trixie Mattel and Kim Chi Combine Forces With Makeup Brand

The drag stars had popular makeup lines of their own, so the two decided that it only made sense to combine forces on a project together

Trixie Mattel and Kim Chi are makeup icons in their own right, having risen to fame as part of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Now the two have paired up with the ultimate makeup collaboration as they launch BFF4EVR.

Mattel and Chi both already had popular makeup lines of their own, so the two decided that it only made sense to combine forces on a project together. The collaboration has been more than two years in the making and they’re both thrilled to see their work come to fruition in a way that reflects both of their unique approaches to drag.

“This has both of our aesthetics melded onto it,” Chi told LAMag. “When you look at it, there’s a whole wide range of neutrals that you could fully get into a day look. But then, if you look on the right side, just all the fun colors and glitters that you could just pop on and go out in the evening. So it’s a complete day to night. Like from Kim Chi to a Trixie.”

Although the girls do have their own individual visions, Mattel describes their lines as “distant cousins” and believes that they both have similar goals in the makeup industry. Collaborating felt like a breeze for these two since they have known each other so long and are familiar with one another’s makeup routines.

“You know, Kim’s watched me put makeup on probably 100 times and criticizes me the whole time,” Mattel laughs, to which Chi replies, “I would never!”

BFF4EVER Bundle Full Collection (Courtesy Kim Chi Chic Beauty)

While the two have a light-hearted report, they both recognize the current moment our country faces and hope their makeup and drag can provide an escape for folks feeling overwhelmed.

“I feel like the whole the ritual of putting on the makeup to transform yourself and then go out and throw yourself in front of people—there’s a sense of a therapeutic feeling that comes with it,” Chi told LAMag.

And even though Mattel said she considers herself and Chi to have had all of their dreams come true in their businesses and drag careers, she reminds herself that so many queer people don’t have the same privileges.

“I really forget [sometimes] that like, Kim and I could be absolutely murdered for walking down the street in drag in a lot of areas of the country… just for cross-dressing. Like actually murdered,” Mattel said.

But we left the conversation off on a more positive note, with the queens offering advice to fans during this politically divided time.

“Things might not be going the right way for our community, but stay strong, because every voice is a vote. And every vote counts, especially when it comes time to making these decisions,” Chi told LAMag

Mattel echoed the sentiment.

“Voting is the only way that everybody’s equal. It’s the kind of the only way that you have the exact same say, as somebody who might be way richer than you or way less educated than you like or whatever,” Mattel said. “You’re so different, but you [all] have the same say.”

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