DO: THEATER: It’s Ladies’ Night at ‘Hamlet’ (For Two Months)

An all-female production of the Bard’s most famous play opens at Odyssey Theatre

Back in the day, only men acted in the Bard’s plays. Turnabout is fair play as the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company casts ladies in the tragedy of an angsty Dane and his treacherous relatives. LAWSC founder/artistic director Lisa Wolpe takes on the play’s lead moper, the Prince of Denmark, while Laura Wernette stars as Gertrude, Hamlet’s troubled mother. This alternate take on the the beloved work flips the script on history, imagining what the Renaissance era would have been like if women had held the reins of power. Where power accrues, corruption follows; there’s still plenty of royal intrigue.

Odyssey Theatre: August 30 – October 27,