DO: THEATER: ‘Buffy’ Alum Stars in ‘The Bells of West 87th’

The best James Marsters fan sites serve as a time capsule of the Buffy era and a showcase of archaic web design skills

OMG, you guys! One of the old school Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars is totes in a new thing. It’s James “super hottie with guylights” Marsters, in a comedy about a grody writer who’s freaked about introducing her b/f to her nutzo fam. Whoa. Sorry about that.

The play was written by Elin Hampton, who has put in time as scribe on Mad About You, Dream On, Buffy, and RugratsMarsters has been in plenty of other movies and TV shows including X-Men, but it’s his portrayal of Spike on the vampire that earned him a bloodthirsty following.

Here are the best Marsters fan sites, which serve as both a time capsule of the Buffy era and a showcase of charmingly archaic web design skills.  

Fuck Yeah! James Wesley Marsters
Why It’s Great: It’s a revisionist history placing old school Marsters on the Tumblr that Ryan Gosling built.

The Civilized James (from the Czech Republic)
Why It’s Great: This catalogs Marsters’ band and compiles every photo and video that was generated at his Comic Con appearances.  

A Personal Account of Hating Marsters Because of Things his Character Did
Why It’s Great: This one is particularly crazy (read: amazing). It’s incredible to witness the kind of devotion that audiences have for fictional characters. Perhaps it’s the intimacy of of the TV medium, inviting people into our personal spaces. Or maybe someone forgot their medication.

Autographed Headshots
Why It’s Great: For those Buffy fans who can’t let go of the turn of the millenium, here’s a catalog of amazing autographed headshots featuring Marsters and his bleach blond mop.

Greenway Court Theatre: September 7 – October 13,