DO: ART: Look But Don’t Nap in These Hammocks

Artist Pinaree Sanpitak’s gorgeous hammocks are ‘Hanging By A Thread’ at LACMA

They’re beautiful reminders of a tragedy. Artist Pinaree Sanpitak’s traditional Thai hammocks, which you can see in the LACMA exhibition Hanging By A Thread, are crafted from paa-lai, multicolored cotton textiles that are also used for clothing, sheets, and items of ordinary life. When flooding destroyed the studio of Bangkok-based Sanpitak, she turned to the widely available paa-lai as a source of new material. The idea of her Sculptural Hammocks is simple yet powerful.

She crafts pieces that seems to float in space, hanging high above where the floods swept away homes–and people. Seemingly suspended in air, these hammocks offer a sense of safety but also serve as ghostly reminders of the lives lost. You can’t actually hang around and nap in one of these hammocks, but kids and their crafty parents can try their hands at textile art in the workshops.

LACMA: September 1-29,