DO: ART: Hoy Space: GERMS

Polychromatic pop culture references mingle with Chicano iconography

Writhing tentacles, luchador masks, and graffiti scrawlings cover the canvases and murals of Jaime Zacarias, aka GERMS. His works reflect fantastical realms that merge classical painting styles with imaginative images gleaned from East Los Angeles. Polychromatic pop culture references mingle with Chicano iconography, surrealism meshes with ornately fashioned scripts and typography.

The mashup creates a beautifully hallucinogenic experience, unleashing amoeba-like creatures metastasizing across his canvases and murals. He even designed a stained-glass light fixture out of his Pacman-ghost-meets-Mexican-Wrestler character, which provides a mutated take on the Tiffany lamp. For a taste of his wild style, check out this exhibition of his hyperactive works.

Vincent Price Art Museum: September 10 – December 7,