One of Disneyland’s Most Iconic Attractions Is Back in Action

We have been waiting for this one

One of the few attractions left at Disneyland dating all the way back to Walt’s original plan, the Disney Railroad, has finally come back after an extended hiatus, and the ride has gotten a pretty significant update. As it turns out, you can teach an old mouse new tricks.

The Disney Railroad, along with another classic attraction, Rivers of America, was offline for 18 months to accommodate construction on the hotly-anticipated Star Wars-themed section of the park, set to open in 2019.

Now the trains are running along a new route, taking a scenic loop around the rocks and waterfalls of Frontierland and offering new views of Rivers of America. Along the way, riders also glimpse updates that have been made to the Grand Canyon and Primeval World (aka dinosaur) environments. In a green move, the locomotives are powered by bio-diesel created by recycling cooking oil used elsewhere around Disneyland.

Oh, and the train makes a left turn now, for the first time ever. That might not seem like a big deal to a casual observer, but trust us, Disney die-hards are stoked.

According to Disneyland blog MiceChat (which has more photos), the railroad’s re-launch has had some hiccups. The park has been extra busy for the summer season, and the opening of the refreshed ride has only added to the crowds. MiceChat reports long waits to board the train and possible mechanical issues, which are causing fewer trains to run than expected.

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