Disneyland Unveiled Its Magic Key Program. Here’s What You Need to Know

After sunsetting its Annual Passport this year, the Anaheim park launches a new program for frequent visitors

Disneyland fans were devastated when the park ditched its Annual Passport program earlier this year, fearing it couldn’t accommodate the onslaught of post-pandemic visitors, particularly when capacity was still limited.

“It’s about more than the attractions,” annual passholder Christy Vaca of Richmond told Los Angeles in January. “I love sitting on a bench. I love the Dapper Dans. I love watching little girls running by. If we had to pay $100 a day it would start adding up for sure. I don’t want to go less, but we’ll see how much we have to pay for college.”

But things may be turning around for dyed-in-the-wool Disneyphiles. On Tuesday, the park unveiled a replacement program called Magic Key, a reservation-based system for frequent visitors. “We are excited to share the next evolution of the Disneyland Resort Annual Pass program, which was informed and shaped by extensive consumer research and feedback from guests and fans,” PR director Michael Ramirez said in a post on the Disney Parks blog.

Much like the Annual Passholder program, it offers tiers that range from affordable ($399 annually) to, er, less so ($1,399 annually), but the Magic Key program ultimately has fewer options, and all of them require park reservations.

What vary the most by tier—Imagine Key being the most affordable and Dream Key being the priciest—are blackout days on the reservation calendar. The Dream Key has no blackout dates listed, while Imagine Key passholders wouldn’t be able to visit the park on most weekends or during the entire month of July 2022 and most of August 2022.

The passes go on sale on August 25, and people who pick up their passes in the first 66 days get some special perks in honor of the park’s 66th anniversary.

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