Take a Look Inside an Eerily Deserted Disneyland

Lately, Downtown Disney and the open parts of California Adventure have been ghost towns on weekdays

Have you ever had one of those stress dreams where you’re all alone in a giant place that’s usually filled with people—like, say, a popular amusement park? Lately, Downtown Disney and California Adventure are a stress dream come true.

Honestly, it’s hard to put a finger on why the currently accessible parts of the resort are so deserted. Is it the rule that neither food nor drink can be consumed outside of a car on Disneyland Resort property? Is it the baffling choice to start charging $10 to park to essentially shop at a mall? Is it that people are finally taking a stay at home order seriously?

Nah, its probably the $10 for parking.

Whatever the reason, guests who choose to visit the Disneyland Resort on weekdays (minus Fridays) have recently been treated to the surreal experience of wandering nearly deserted streets and shops, with more cast members then guests visible at times. As a former cast member, who worked at the Parks during 9/11, it’s eerily similar to how it was to visit the Resort in the months following the attack on the Twin Towers.

While it’s hard not to feel pangs of awe and sadness while walking around Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, the images of empty streets and striking architecture are truly beautiful; some photos evoke the feeling of Citizen Kane, while others almost look like they could be photos of a scale model of Disneyland. We hope you enjoy this glimpse at a deserted Disneyland. We saved you $10 for parking at least.

All photos by Star Foreman (@starforeman).

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