Disney Just Announced the Opening Date for Star Wars Land, and We Might Be Trembling

Vital information for planning your visit to a galaxy far, far away

Disney announced a forthcoming Star Wars Land in both California and Florida back in December 2015, but there hasn’t been much information to desperately grasp onto since. Yes, we’ve seen some brain melting concept art; yes, we chronicled the myriad (read: 58) ways in which the new land will alter our beloved Anaheim oasis. But do we really know anything about Star Wars Land other than the fact that Disneyland employees (sorry, Cast Members) have to use some weird code name when referring to it? Now we do.

Photograph courtesy Disney Parks

On Tuesday, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced a firm opening date—well, year—for the 14-acre, $1 billion Star Wars Lands on both coasts: 2019. (Iger announced another opening, too, but sorry, no one really cares: Avatar Land is headed to Orlando’s Animal Kingdom on May 27.) Despite Iger casually forgetting to mention an exact opening date for Star Wars Land, we know enough about it to stay stoked for the next 24 months: First, it’s meant to be an immersive planet (name forthcoming) on the Outer Rim of the Galaxy—you know, that “lawless place” that’s “a haven for smugglers, cartels, syndicates, and all kinds of scum and villainy.” (So basically Hollywood.) Cast Members will play the parts of humanoids, aliens, and droids—all part of the experience to make park goers feel like they’ve entered a foreign land. Word in the galaxy is that there will be two attractions—one of which will let guests pilot the Millennium Falcon—but it’s still unclear as to whether current Star Wars-themed attractions (aka Star Tours) will survive in this new era.

All of this is well and good and mind blowing and exciting and if we think about it too hard we might collapse, but the fact of the matter is that it’s all still a long way off. If that’s just too much for you to deal with, take heart: you can always spend the next two years fighting virtual reality Stormtroopers while you await the land’s arrival.