Did You Recognize These L.A. Locations in the Double Premiere of Agent Carter?

Peggy heads to Hollywood in the second season of the Marvel series

Warning: Miiiiiild spoilers ahead. 

Marvel’s Agent Carter is back for season two, and this time around, the action is happening in Hollywood. Set in the noirish 1940s, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) leaves the gritty streets of New York for the sunny skies of Los Angeles to help out an old flame pal, Chief Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj). The first two episodes of the season premiered back to back—did you spot the below L.A. landmarks?

Echo Park Lake


Photo courtesy Flickr/meltwater

Season two kicks off with a cold case. No, seriously: a woman’s body is found frozen in a block of ice beneath Echo Park Lake. (Yikes.) The crew shot on location at 751 Echo Park Ave.

The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner

Photograph courtesy mapio.net

Carter and Sousa make several trips to the Coroner’s office throughout the first episode, scenes which were shot at the city’s actual Department of Corner. While accurate by today’s standards, the show takes place in 1947—27 years before the department moved into its current building at 1104 N. Mission Rd.

The Firestone Building

Photograph courtesy Google Street View

Super strange clues from the crime scene lead Agent Carter and Chief Sousa to Isodyne Energy, an organization that, according to showrunner Michele Fazekas, was inspired by real U.S. companies involved in nuclear testing throughout the 1940s. The interior and exterior shots of the lab were filmed at the former Firestone tire building at 2525 Firestone Blvd. in South Gate.

Santa Anita Park

Carter and Sousa have their eye on a suspect who has a penchant for gambling. The pair is off to the races to track down their target—and they end up at 285 W Huntington Dr., aka Santa Anita Park.

Sixth Street Bridge

Photograph courtesy flickr/Soledad 16

Poor Sixth Street Bridge. Its inherent creepiness makes it the perfect backdrop for all sorts of things—sometimes it’s a zombie shootout; in the first episode of Agent Carter, it’s a sneaky murder by an LAPD officer. Carter and Sousa watch the madness unfold at E 6th Street in episode two as well, when the bodies of two special agents are found in the river near the bridge.

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Photograph courtesy facebook/MillenniumBiltmoreHotelLosAngeles

Moving right along in episode two, Carter arranges a meeting with an informant at DTLA’s Dunbar Hotel. The real Dunbar was a staple on Central Avenue and a hot spot for jazz in the ’40s, but today it’s a retirement community. The swanky lobby-bar where Carter sips on whiskey (neat) is actually downtown’s uberchic Millennium Biltmore Hotel at 506 S Grand Ave.

The Griffith Observatory

griffithAfter a few drinks and a turn about the dance floor, Carter and her secret companion find themselves at the iconic Griffith Observatory at 2800 E Observatory Rd. Hijinks ensue, and, well—we won’t spoil the rest.

Agent Carter airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m./8 p.m. central on ABC.