Did Adele Really Halt Her Vegas Shows Over COVID?

’Sources’ say the superstar postponed her Las Vegas residency because she was unhappy with the production, and not due to the troublesome virus

Adele tearfully apologized to fans last week for postponing her wildly-anticipated Las Vegas residency one day before it was set to kick-off, saying, “Half my crew, half my team went down with COVID. They still are, and it’s been impossible to finish the show. And I can’t give you what I have right now, and I’m gutted.”


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However, TMZ is reporting that she actually put the brakes on the performances because she’s not happy with some aspects of the would-be production. According to the site, “multiple sources connected to Caesars Palace” claim the singer was displeased with some of the set pieces, the sound system, and even an entire choir.

According to the gossips, Adele found these elements to be “not good enough,” adding that the folks at Caesars were “shocked” when she bailed at the last minute.

While TMZ can’t say that Adele’s crew wasn’t taken out by the virus, the outlet claims that Caesar’s was “ready, willing and able…”

To do what, however, is unclear.

Still, even in her apology, Adele said COVID was not the only show-stopper she’s been coping with. She also cited “delivery delays”—which the whole country is unfortunately familiar with by now.

Adele explained that she and her team had “been awake for more than 30 hours now” trying to pull the show together, but TMZ asserts that she “wasn’t ever satisfied with the results” and that she now hopes to get something onstage in February.

A rep for Adele did not return our call.

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