Depp Trial Beyond: Amber Heard Knows She ‘Wasn’t a Likable Victim’

”I get to be a mom, full-time, where I’m not having to juggle calls from lawyers,” Heard said about her future plans

NBC still has a few last drops of juice to share from its post-trial chat between Amber Heard and Savannah Guthrie. In the second part of the interview, which aired Wednesday morning on Today, Heard said that she still loves Depp and has “no bad feelings or ill will towards him at all.”

Guthrie asked Heard if the “total global humiliation” Depp once threatened to serve her had come to fruition.

“I know he promised it,” Heard said. “I testified to this. I know I’m not a good victim, I get it, I’m not a likable victim; I’m not a perfect victim. But when I testified I asked the jury to just see me as human and hear his own words, which is a promise to do this. It feels as though he has.”

Asked why she wrote the 2018 Washington Post op-ed that was found by a jury to be defamatory against Depp, Heard answered, “The op-ed wasn’t about my relationship with Johnny. What the op-ed was about was me loaning my voice to a bigger cultural conversation that we were having at the time.”

She added, “It was important for me to not make it about him, or do anything like defame him. I had lawyers, teams of lawyers, review all the drafts of this.”

Guthrie also brought up the $7 million in divorce settlement money that Heard once claimed she would give to charity, but ended up making only partial payments, asking what the jury must have thought when that came to light.

“I don’t know because so much of the trial seemed meant to cast aspersions on who I am,” Heard said. “To question by credibility, to call me a liar in every way you can.”

However, Heard added that she still intends to honor her charity pledge.

All in all, Heard remains optimistic about the future, saying, “I get to be a mom, full-time, where I’m not having to juggle calls from lawyers.”

At one point, Guthrie asked, “You said on the stand, ‘I still have love for Johnny.’ Is that still true?”

“Yes,” Heard said.

“After all that has happened?”

“Absolutely. I love him. I loved him with all my heard. And I did the best I could to make a deeply broken relationship work. And I wouldn’t. I have no bad feelings or ill will towards him at all “I do know that may be hard to understand, or really easy to understand. If you’ve ever loved anyone, it should be easy.”

If that doesn’t fulfill your post-trial needs, not to worry—the network has more of the Heard-Guthrie summit coming up on Dateline Friday. We can’t imagine what they’ll share next.

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