Depp Trial Aftermath: Now, Sweaty Courthouse Souvenirs Can Be Yours

The wristbands required for spectators to watch the Depp trial in Virginia are up for sale on Ebay for anywhere from $50 – $4,999

There’s no reason you, too, should walk away from the dueling defamation suits of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard empty-handed. Here’s a deep cut to know about the Depp vs. Heard trial: only 100 members of the public were allowed into the courtroom, with about another 100 admitted to an overflow area. Each member of the lucky mob had to get a new wristband every day and, now that the circus has left town, naturally, people are buying and selling the sweaty arm candy in commemoration of the lurid celebrity trial.

How about you?

Depends on whether you have Depp-like cash or are from more humble means, like Heard. TMZ searched Ebay for the trial collectibles and found one wristband, from Day 23 of the proceedings, going for $850.00. Prices are reported from $50 to $499, and keep in mind they were worn in the Virginia heat. In fact, here’s the Ebay link for “Depp trial wristband,” in case that sort of thing interests you.

Reads the product description from one Ebay seller: In this wonderful auction you are bidding on a Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial Spectator Used Wristband! The wristband was pre-owned and used April 25, 2022 at Fairfax Courthouse in Virginia! This is a piece of history from the epic trial! The wristband is in fair CONDITION! Great gift!

Meanwhile, Depp has his post-trial plans set as well, and they don’t involved peddling paraphernalia, so far. After missing the verdict because he had jetted off to the U.K. to play a series of shows with Jeff Beck, it was announced by Beck himself during his concert in Gateshead Thursday that he will be releasing a new album with Depp next month, reports Variety.

“We actually made an album,” Beck, 77, told the crowd. “I don’t know how it happened. It will be out in July.” Depp made an appearance at that show.

For Amber Heard’s part, speculation continues as to how she will pay the $10.35 million settlement to Depp. The New York Post has detailed how her homeowner’s insurance could possibly cover the payout.

Heard’s Yucca Valley home is worth $1 million.

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