David Geffen’s New Boyfriend is the Talk of Twitter

A now-deleted photo raises awkward questions about Donovan Michael’s past

David Geffen’s Instagram page has become quite the who’s who of the rich and famous, with hundreds of photos popping up on his grid of guests on the billionaire entertainment mogul’s multi-million dollar yacht over the years. Business tycoons and major producers have joined Geffen on the 453-footer, Rising Sun, as have many movie stars (Julia Roberts, Orlando Bloom) media queens (Oprah), some comic relief (Seinfeld, Chris Rock), and pop queens (Beyoncé, Katy Perry).

But none of those star-studded photos attracted as much attention as a pic the 79-year-old posted on Christmas Day with a much less celebrated guest—his latest boyfriend, Donovan Michaels.

In the image, Donovan’s t-shirt clings to his biceps, his khaki shirts seem awfully…tight, and the image’s accompanying caption rather cheekily reads, “Merry Christmas, indeed!”—which stirred up a not small amount of snide commentary that may have led to the post’s removal as details of Michaels’ past were speculated upon.

Comments on the retweeted photo show that a good number of social media users seem to think that Donovan, who lists his occupation as “media personality” on Twitter, is in fact a man named Brandon Foster, whose previous occupation was in media but not quite as a “personality.”

First from Twitter users came the snark: “David,” wrote GlenAlanBurris, “He likes you because he thinks he can learn something from you, you’re mature and looks don’t matter to him despite the time he puts into his own looks. Some will say it’s because you are filthy rich. But I’m sure you can put all of that —ALL of it— behind you.”

Then came the reveal, when a shot of the Facebook page for someone named “Brandon Foster” was posted. Foster bears a striking resemblance to Michaels, and some comments on the post made references to bar dancing. Soon, one user said they recognize the hunky man as “Brandon Foster” and another posted a clip of a gay porn video starring a stud that looks just like Foster. Or is it Michaels? Could it be that they are the same person? Testimonials soon began to pile up.

“He used to work at the same bar as me,” wrote Morgan Le Shade. To which user 813 mento replied, “yes he did smh. he was a dancer.” Morgan Le Shade intimated that the Gulf Coast club in question was Liquid Tampa. Hunter Vance, whose Twitter bio lists him as a porn performer, then wrote, “Haha that’s Brandon I use to dance with him back when he lived in Tampa.” So LAMag got in touch with Vance.

“Brandon is his real name. We all danced together before he ever came out onto the porn industry,” Vance confirmed by email. 

Details revealed by Twitter commenters who claimed they danced with Foster line up with those provided by Vance—who also offered up the name of Foster’s ex-girlfriend. In fact, Foster’s tastes in women were highlighted in an interview mentioned in a 2017 PopGlitz article (and NSFW photo spread), which is headlined, “Donovan Michaels aka Brandon Foster is a Pretty Face with a Nice D*ck.” I guess we’ll call that another clue to the young man’s double identity during his Tampa years.

Well, Foster isn’t in Tampa anymore. It looks like he has shed the speedo and reinvented himself, landing a septuagenarian media magnate boyfriend and now celebrates Christmas at sea. As Jennifer Coolidge said in HBO’s White Lotus, “Those are some high-end gays!”

What we do know is that Geffen treats his younger boyfriends quite well. Recall his former flame, 26-year-old surfer Jeremy Lingvall, who was the billionaire’s plus-one at then-President Barack Obama’s 2009 State Dinner; the pair even sat at the president’s table. Together for six years then, the couple had also been spotted while spending days sunning themselves on Rising Sun, which Geffen purchased from Oracle founder Larry Ellison; at the time it changed hands, the boat was the eighth-largest yacht in the world.

So, it’s unlikely that Michaels (or Foster?) will be hidden away like a much-too-young secret. He can look forward to being flaunted in photos on Twitter above a smug caption, which will proudly remain there for all to see, or until backlash causes it to be tweleted. Until we see more of the happy couple, enjoy this video and try to guess if it is Michaels (as advertised), if it’s actually Foster, or if they are indeed one and the same.

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